Catering and Bulk

What You Get

BobbyD's Catering PigBobbyD’s catering is done buffet style, allowing your guests to serve themselves. We do not want you to be surprised with more guests than food when serving your event, so we give you 5 ounces of meat (if serving sandwich style) per guest to ensure extra is available for the hungry eaters. Our side items are portioned to give you 4 ounces per guest, with several choices on your menu. Dinners such as Smoked Prime Rib, Chicken, and Ribs can be quoted for the amount you desire be served. (Additional time may be required to determine pricing, as it will vary depending on current stock prices)

Food items come packaged in heavy foil serving pans. Included are plates, napkins, forks and serving utensils. Based on the type of event (and for an additional charge) we have the ability to provide different styles of service ware and plates, just call us for the details and realize we will need extra time for special orders or instructions. Delivery is at no charge in the Emporia city limits, and nominal charges apply based on mileage in the surrounding communities.  Please call for more detailed information.

Bobby D’s bulk orders are packaged either in Styrofoam containers which hold temperature well for short periods of time, or our heavy foil serving pans depending on the size of the order.  Our ribs can be packaged uncut in special bags that lock in moisture.  Bulk orders are placed for carry-out only, and are typically best for individuals wanting to enjoy our mouth watering meats and famous sides in a more casual setting of 15 or less people with their own dishes, condiments, and other serving items.  We can also place bulk orders to be picked up cold, and will come with heating instructions (if requested) for events at a later date or a location away from the immediate area.

Catering and Bulk order pricing and details